Green with Envy – Dog Bandana


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A Bandana on a Dog is a symbol of Love!

  • Modern, fashionable, and fun.
  • Designed in Australia, curated in Bali.
  • 100% screen printed cotton. Machine washable in cold water.
  • Our iconic Love label is delicately hand crafted onto the side of each Bandana. Flip the label to see ‘You are Loved’- a sweet little message to your Pup!

Sizing (based on weight):

Small – For Breeds that are similar in size to Pugs, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus or weigh less than 8kg (18lbs). 

Medium – For Breeds that are similar in size to Beagles, Cavoodle, French Bulldogs or weigh between 9-19kg (20-42lbs). 

Large – For Breeds that are similar in size to Dalmations, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds or weigh between 20-40kg (44-88lbs). 

*How to wear- Hold the Bandana with your left and right hands as an upside down triangle then roll the fabric down to the desired length to fit around your Pups neck, then tie the Bandana, and smile at how cute they look! 

SPREAD THE LOVE -Your purchase GIVES BACK to Dogs in need.


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